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Acne Specialist

Bruce Sanderson, MD -  - Laser & Medical Spa

Lasercare Skin Clinic

Bruce Sanderson, MD

Laser & Medical Spa located in Little Rock, AR

Acne is treated in many different ways today, but laser treatments are one of the most effective means to deal with it because the laser destroys the bacteria that causes the acne. Little Rock, Arkansas residents can eliminate acne, now and in the future, with laser treatments by Dr. Bruce Sanderson at Lasercare Skin Clinic.



Why do people suffer from acne breakouts and acne scars?

When extra oil and clogged pores combine, they create an ideal place for bacteria to flourish. The bacteria causes the formation of whiteheads, blackheads, and other pimples. It can be very hard to avoid acne, even in people who practice good skin care. Therefore, eliminating the bacteria before it can cause acne can be the most efficient way to deal with stubborn acne breakouts. Acne scars can develop when blemishes get inflamed. The inflamed blemish is swollen with oils, bacteria, and dead skin cells. The skin can then break open due to pressure, and this break can result in scars. Some people pick at their skin, popping pimples or rubbing the skin vigorously when they have blemishes. This can further aggravate the skin and result in scars.

How does the laser work to eliminate acne?

Lasers are more effective than topical creams, gels, and ointments for acne. The laser can reach deeper into the skin, accessing the bacteria that causes acne right in the dermis of the skin. Each laser pulse destroys bacteria. In addition to killing bacteria, the laser can reduce oil production, which means the dead skin cells won't have extra oil to bind with and clog the pores.

How does the laser work to eliminate acne scars?

The scar damage from past breakouts is gradually eliminated because the laser stimulates new collagen production in the dermis. This collagen lifts up the depressions and pits left behind by the acne, resulting in an overall smoother complexion.

How many acne laser treatments are needed?

The number of treatments required can vary considerably. It depends on the amount of acne, the number of treatment areas, and how the individual patient responds to the treatment. Most people have optimal laser treatment sessions to get the optimal benefit, with 4-8 sessions being the average.

What can patients expect after treatment?

After a laser acne treatment session, the skin may be slightly reddened and tender to the touch. This is usually gone within a day or two. Patients should stay out of the sun and avoid using harsh chemicals on the face, as well.