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Tattoo Removal Specialist

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Bruce Sanderson, MD

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For people who made a poor choice in tattoos in the past, there's no reason that decision has to keep haunting them in the future. Laser tattoo removal at Lasercare Skin Clinic offers a highly effective solution that can work for any skin type and nearly any type of tattoo ink. Over a series of sessions, Little Rock, Arkansas patients can leave the tattoo in their past. Call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Bruce Sanderson.

Tattoo Removal

What type of tattoos can be removed?

All kinds of tattoos can be eliminated with the advanced Enlighten sis™ laser. In the past, lasers used for tattoo removal were only able to remove some ink colors. Colors like red, orange, yellow, and white couldn't be tackled with previous tattoo removal lasers, but the PICO Genesis laser can remove any color tattoo ink from black to white to vibrant colors like purple and orange. The laser is also appropriate for use in people with any skin tone. Some lasers can be used only in patients with lighter skin, but the PICO Genesis can be used on anyone with great success.

Will there be any scarring?

No, in fact, one of the most significant advantages of the Enlighten PICO Genesis laser is that it can remove the ink without leaving behind a telltale scar.

How does the PICO Genesis laser tattoo removal work?

The PICO Genesis laser uses non-thermal photomechanical laser power to break the ink pigment apart into many tiny particles. During this process, the surrounding skin isn't damaged in any way.

What does the laser tattoo removal feel like?

Many patients liken the treatment to small snaps with a rubber band. Most people tolerate the treatment quite well and with no pain.

What can patients expect after treatment?

After treatment, patients can return to their daily routine immediately. There may be a small amount of swelling or some minor skin flaking. Patients should stay well hydrated, as this helps flush out the ink particles. Keeping the tattoo moisturized with approved products is also important.

How many laser tattoo removal sessions are needed?

This can vary quite a bit because each tattoo is different. Patients generally need to have 5 treatments or more. The treatment sessions are typically planned around 2 weeks apart for the optimal results. Patients will often start to notice significant fading after just a few treatments, however.

Can the PICO Genesis laser be used for any other skin issues?

Yes, in fact, many patients have opted for treatment with the same laser to remove melasma or other types of skin pigmentation. The PICO Genesis laser is one of the most efficient lasers in existence today.