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5 Reasons Behind SculpSure®'s Popularity

5 Reasons Behind SculpSure®'s Popularity

After achieving your weight loss goals, it’s common to still have complaints about the shape of your body. To fully complete your weight loss journey transformation, you just might need a little help.

Some areas of your body, like your abdomen and flanks, cling to body fat even after healthy weight loss. If you want to address these stubborn pockets of body fat, SculpSure® offers a popular nonsurgical option for body contouring.

At Lasercare Skin Clinic, Dr. Bruce Sanderson supports patients in achieving their ideal appearance. Dr. Sanderson offers SculpSure treatment at Lasercare Skin Clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Here are some reasons SculpSure remains such a popular body contouring treatment option.

1. Noninvasive treatment

With SculpSure, you can sculpt your body shape without going under the knife for plastic surgery. SculpSure is noninvasive, using laser energy to liquefy and permanently destroy fat cells in a targeted treatment area. That means that you don’t need anesthesia for SculpSure.

During your procedure, the four specialized treatment applicators send laser light deep into your skin, reaching the layer where your fat cells live. Fat cells in the treatment area heat up as the laser energy stimulates them. Eventually, the laser energy irritates and damages the targeted fat cells, and they break down.

2. Quick appointment time

We perform Sculpsure at Lasercare Skin Clinic on an outpatient basis. Your treatment may take less than half an hour, making SculpSure a terrific return on a minimal time investment in body contouring results.

3. No recovery time

After a body sculpting surgery like liposuction, you can need weeks or months to recover. In contrast, you can head home or return to work after your SculpSure appointment.

Your treatment isn’t painful, although you may notice a sensation of deep warmth in the targeted area, and cooling technology keeps you comfortable while Dr. Sanderson completes the procedure.

4. Treatment of multiple potential problem areas

You might have unwanted areas of body fat in various locations; SculpSure targets your abdomen, flanks, and other problem areas.

5. Lasting results

Your results with SculpSure appear naturally over time as your body gradually flushes away damaged and destroyed fat cells. It typically takes about 12 weeks to see full results, with some improvement visible six weeks after your procedure.

SculpSure is right for individuals who have mostly completed a healthy weight loss journey but still have some stubborn areas that haven’t responded enough to dieting or targeted exercise.

Most patients are happy with their SculpSure results, although you should know that individual results vary. Dr. Sanderson ensures that your expectations are realistic and that you understand your risks before beginning treatment.

To learn more about SculpSure body sculpting and to find out if you could be a good candidate, contact Dr. Sanderson at Lasercare Skin Clinic online or over the phone today to schedule your initial consultation appointment.

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