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Are Your Thighs Sagging? We Have the Perfect Tightening Solution

The area around your upper thighs can lose skin elasticity for a number of reasons, leaving your thighs looking saggy or lumpy. Your skin naturally loses firmness over the years as you age. If you've recently lost weight, you could also find yourself with some extra, loose skin around your thighs.

If you're not interested in a surgical thigh lift, do you have other treatment options? In fact, you can use nonsurgical skin tightening treatments to reduce loose or sagging skin around your upper legs and thighs. With noninvasive treatment options, you can achieve the aesthetic results you're looking for while skipping the lengthy recovery times and minimizing treatment risks.

The experienced care team at Lasercare Skin Clinic, led by Bruce Sanderson, MD, offers skin tightening treatment to new and existing patients from around the Little Rock, Arkansas, area. Here's what Dr. Sanderson wants you to know about noninvasive skin tightening treatment this summer.

Restoring lost elasticity and volume

Each year you age, your skin loses youthful elasticity and firmness. Inside of your dermis, the deep layer of your skin, you naturally produce the proteins collagen and elastin. These proteins keep your skin resilient and full when you're young.

Over time, the collagen layer in your skin can deteriorate, leaving you with fissures and fine lines in your skin. As you begin to produce less elastin, you may notice your skin hanging more and more loosely, instead of tightening against your body. 

Often, patients report feeling dissatisfied with the appearance of loose skin around their thighs, face, neck, chest, and arms. You don’t have to just live with sagging thighs, or face the prospect of cosmetic surgery. Nonsurgical skin tightening treatments can significantly improve the condition of your skin.

Noninvasive treatment for effective results

We can use multiple technologies to give you nonsurgical skin-tightening results in the area around your thighs. You could benefit from treatment with focused laser light, ultrasonic energy, or radio frequencies. With these minimally invasive procedures, you might not need to take any recovery time at all.

In each case, the nonsurgical treatment jump-starts your body's natural regenerative capabilities, helping you form new tissues for firmed, youthful results. After undergoing therapeutic stimulation, your body starts working to break down and flush old collagen, and produces new stores of collagen and elastin.

After a few treatment sessions, you could find your sagging skin a thing of the past. It takes a few weeks, or even months, for your full results to appear following a treatment, as the production of new proteins continues after stimulation. Depending on your goals, you may need repeated treatments to maintain your desired results.

To find out more about the possible nonsurgical solutions for your sagging skin problems, get in touch with the team at Lasercare Skin Clinic today. Dr. Sanderson and the team can advise you on the right treatments for your aesthetic goals and personal skin care needs. To schedule your initial consultation appointment, call 501-205-1022 now. 

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