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Diamond Microdermabrasion: Benefits and What to Expect

Diamond Microdermabrasion: Benefits and What to Expect

Can you imagine using the power of diamonds to smooth and perfect your skin? Well, imagine no more — diamond microdermabrasion skin care treatment is an effective reality!

At Lasercare Skin Clinic of Little Rock, Arkansas, Dr. Bruce Sanderson provides treatments like diamond microdermabrasion in our high-tech medspa. If you want to improve the brilliance of your complexion, get rid of dark spots, and achieve great anti-aging results, this treatment could be exactly what you’re looking for.

How could you benefit from diamond microdermabrasion? Let’s look a little deeper. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of diamond microdermabrasion and what to expect from this type of skin care treatment.

Diamond technology for your skin care

With diamond microdermabrasion, you get the sparkle and exclusivity of diamonds delivered directly to your skin for complexion-smoothing and skin-tone improvement results. This technology is an extremely advanced form of skin care.

The benefits of diamond microdermabrasion include:

The suction element of diamond microdermabrasion treatment stimulates new collagen production in the deeper layers of your skin. In the weeks after your treatment session, your skin grows more firm and supple due to increased and renewed collagen.

And diamond microdermabrasion leaves your pores open and receptive to additional skin care treatments. At Lasercare Skin Clinic, Dr. Sanderson offers exclusive Stem Cell Serum and Gold Flake Serum facials post-treatment when your skin can benefit the most.

What to expect from diamond microdermabrasion treatment

What is diamond microdermabrasion treatment like? Dr. Sanderson breaks it down for you.

He uses a hand-held tool with a diamond-dust edge that can transform the appearance of your skin. Dr. Sanderson adjusts the roughness of the tool’s tip based on your sensitivity levels and the desired treatment area to prevent skin damage. He moves the microdermabrasion wand in careful, methodical strokes over the surface of the treatment area, allowing the tip to stimulate your skin.

During treatment, you can expect to feel a scratchy sensation. However, diamond microdermabrasion shouldn’t be too painful. Some skin irritation and reddening can result after treatment at higher settings.

After your treatment session, let your skin rest and recover by staying out of the sun, avoiding harsh chemicals, and washing with cool water for a few days.

Diamond microdermabrasion works well for most skin types, but people with very sensitive skin might want to consider other skin improvement therapies. Talk to Dr. Sanderson about whether diamond microdermabrasion is right for you.

To learn more about the benefits of diamond microdermabrasion, and to learn more about this type of skin care treatment, schedule your free and private consultation with Dr. Sanderson at Lasercare Skin Clinic online or over the phone today.

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