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Excess Fat vs Weight: The SculpSure Solution

Most of us struggle with our weight, whether it’s a lifelong problem or one we encounter as we get older. There probably isn’t a single person who hasn’t experienced frustrating weight fluctuations as time passes or diets change. Even worse, there are certain parts of our bodies, like the abdomen, that don’t seem to slim down even when the rest of us does. These stubborn fat deposits can really be frustrating.

Problem areas and weight fluctuation are actually two separate things, technically. When talking about your body, you need to separate fat from weight. Weight fluctuates so much because it’s composed of many different things like muscle, water, your bones, and fat. Fat itself is its own category that exists in a finite amount in your body. When you gain weight due to fat, what’s actually happening is the fat cells are expanding to take up more space. So, when you slim down, the fat cells shrink. However, the fat is still present. It’s only by eliminating the fat cells entirely that you can permanently be rid of them.

That’s why diet and exercise has its limits. What you really need is a treatment like SculpSure that targets fat cells rather than your weight. Fat loss is the key here, not weight loss. SculpSure is certainly the most cutting-edge treatment for fat loss.

Traditional Solutions

Medical procedures used to permanently eliminate fatty deposits in the body aren’t actually new. Liposuction has been in use for decades and is successful as far as what its goals are. However, it’s not exactly the most comfortable procedure to undergo. While it can get rid of a lot of fat, it’s also quite intrusive and intense.

When dealing with liposuction, you have to take the use of anesthesia into consideration and weeks of recovery time that will interfere with your normal daily activities. It’s a process. While many people want to get rid of stubborn fat, they don’t necessarily have the time or desire to deal with a procedure like liposuction. Until now, options were limited. However, thanks to SculpSure, you can get rid of stubborn fat deposits without having to worry about preparing for and undergoing invasive surgery.

The SculpSure Difference

The days of needing to undergo painful surgeries with recovery times and possible complications in order to get rid of excess fat are over. Sure, if you need more extreme results you may still opt for the more invasive procedures. But, for most people, as long as they are relatively close to their target weight, they can enjoy the benefits of SculpSure and skip going under the knife.

It may seem almost futuristic, but the actual mechanism behind SculpSure is fairly simple in theory. All that’s happening is your body’s own processes are being leveraged in order to get rid of fat cells permanently. During the procedure, an applicator delivers concentrated laser energy that heats up the fat cells in the targeted area. The cells become disrupted and the fat liquefies, causing your body to discard it like waste in the weeks following your treatment. You may experience a mild sensation of heat during the procedure, but the applicator delivers cool air in order to keep you comfortable throughout.

The procedure only takes about 25 minutes and then you’re done. You’ll begin to see results in 6-12 weeks as the liquefied fat cells are eliminated from the body. Once these fat cells are eliminated, they’re gone for good. Many patients decide to undergo more than one procedure to maximize results or treat different areas. Speak with your doctor to learn more.

Maintaining Your Results

While the fat cells will be eliminated, you still want to make sure you stay active and eat a healthy diet in order to retain firmness. Remember, any remaining fat cells can still expand if you aren’t eating healthy or become sedentary. Also, these lifestyle habits are good for your health, which is the most important thing. Keep your body looking great and keep the momentum going following your SculpSure treatment by continuing to take care of yourself. Ask your provider about additional SculpSure treatments at a later date if you want to make more progress regarding your body goals.


Slimming down and maintaining your appearance can be hard and a lot of work. Why not make it easier on yourself with a little help from your healthcare provider? Struggling with diet and exercise for less-than-perfect results over the years isn’t a great experience. Say goodbye to stubborn fat for good with SculpSure. If you want to know more about SculpSure and find out if it’s right for you, book an appointment online with us today. Dr. Sanderson and the team at Lasercare Skin Clinic can provide you with the professional services you need so you can look your best and feel more confident.

Dr. Sanderson

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