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Fillers vs. Botox®: Which Works Better for Wrinkles?

Fillers vs. Botox®: Which Works Better for Wrinkles?

Fine lines and wrinkles on your face give away your real age. With today’s cosmetic injectable options, you can turn back the clock on facial lines and wrinkles without undergoing plastic surgery. At Lasercare Skin Clinic of Little Rock, Arkansas, our team, led by Dr. Bruce Sanderson, offers a full range of nonsurgical cosmetic anti-aging options.

You might be wondering which option you should choose to fill in and hide facial fine lines and wrinkles. Between injectable fillers and Botox® injections, we’ve got you covered. And, Dr. Sanderson helps you understand your cosmetic goals, keep your expectations realistic, and select the best procedure or set of procedures to create your desired look.

The benefits of Botox

Botox injections selectively paralyze targeted facial muscles. When your face stays relaxed, some types of lines and wrinkles don’t appear. These include vertical lines between your eyebrows, horizontal frown lines on your forehead, and lines around your eyes and mouth.

With the skillful providers at Lasercare Skin Clinic, you don’t need to worry about losing facial expressiveness and can count on excellent cosmetic anti-aging results.

Cosmetic Botox uses safe, small doses of neurotoxin. Your injection appointment may take less than half an hour. Botox treatments last for months, and you can always come back for additional injections as it wears off.

Restoring lost volume with cosmetic injectables

Cosmetic dermal injectables plump up areas of your face where lost volume gives away your age. Most injectables dissolve after a number of months, so you may need additional treatments to maintain your results.

You can choose from a range of cosmetic injectables that target different areas of your face for rejuvenation. Fillers add volume to areas including your lips and cheeks, and you can even use a filler to reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Selecting the best anti-aging procedures for you

If you can’t decide between Botox and fillers, talk to the aesthetic experts at Lasercare Skin Clinic about the best aesthetic approach for you. Different procedures work best on different areas of concern. You may also want to pair Botox and fillers for a total rejuvenating transformation.

Botox works on dynamic wrinkles that result from muscle movements, and they can slow the development of wrinkles because the muscle movements that cause wrinkles to form are slowed and reduced.

Dermal fillers work better to address static wrinkles, the type that don’t change when you relax your facial muscles. Static wrinkles result from loss of volume and elasticity in your facial skin due to aging. Fillers plump up areas where your skin forms hollows and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful appearance.

To learn more about your cosmetic nonsurgical anti-aging options with Lasercare Skin Clinic, schedule your free and private consultation appointment. Go online or call 501-205-1022 now to book.

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