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Has Smoking Given You Wrinkles? Botox® Can Help

Has Smoking Given You Wrinkles? Botox® Can Help

Smoking not only wrecks your health — it also takes a toll on your skin. That means smokers are more likely to see premature aging and visible wrinkles in areas like the face, hands, and neck.

You can reduce the impact on your health by quitting now, but that won’t undo the effects of years of smoking on your skin. Is there anything you can do to reverse the cosmetic effects of smoking on your skin quality?


We can diminish the damage and restore your skin. If smoking has ruined the appearance of your skin, consult with Dr. Bruce Sanderson at Lasercare Skin Clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Dr. Sanderson uses cosmetic skin care procedures and therapies like Botox® injections to smooth away visible lines and wrinkles. Targeted Botox treatment can help with the wrinkles related to smoking, including wrinkles around your mouth.

The effects of smoking on your skin

Why does smoking affect your skin? Smoking tobacco affects your body in multiple ways, and it’s not just your lungs you need to worry about. Your skin quality and appearance also suffer.

You can absorb nicotine into your skin when you smoke cigarettes. Smoking also narrows the blood vessels that supply your skin with oxygen, slows your collagen formation, and causes oxidative stress.

As a result of the harmful impacts of smoking, you may have lower collagen levels, less vitamin D in your skin, and more visible wrinkles. 

Smoking tends to make wrinkles more apparent all over your body, especially in areas like the corners of your mouth, eyes, and upper lip.

Smokers also tend to have more age spots and poorer skin tone.

The best way to protect yourself against damage related to smoking is to quit now. Cessation aids are available that have worked for many. But that still leaves you looking at damaged skin. What can be done about that? Plenty!

How Botox helps with smokers’ lines and wrinkles

Smokers are often concerned about lines and wrinkles, including forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds, upper lip wrinkles, and sagging skin around the eyelids. These lines can make you look older than your calendar age.

Botox is a simple, quick, and minimally invasive treatment option to reduce the visibility of wrinkles in a treatment area. Here’s how it works.

Botox injections target facial muscles, or muscles in another treatment area, with a selectively paralyzing toxin. The dose used in cosmetic Botox is safe and well-tested. After your Botox treatment, those muscles won’t be able to contract in the way that causes your wrinkles to form and become visible. 

Dr. Sanderson ensures you don’t lose too much facial expression with Botox treatment.

Botox treatment can last 3-4 months or longer and can be repeated to maintain your anti-aging cosmetic results. Botox can even be paired with dermal fillers for a more complete anti-aging and skin rejuvenation effect.

To learn more about how Botox could help with smoking-related wrinkles giving you stress, contact Dr. Sanderson at Lasercare Skin Clinic today. Schedule your initial consultation appointment online or over the phone now.

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