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Help! I Regret My Tattoo

Help! I Regret My Tattoo

There are lots of reasons why you might come to regret getting a tattoo. Maybe the tattoo was an impulse decision, or maybe your feelings toward the imagery of a tattoo have changed. Your aesthetic goals and personal presentation can change a lot over the years, leaving you with frustrating unwanted ink.

The good news is, your unwanted ink doesn’t have to be forever. While tattoos can last a lifetime, with state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal technology, you can get a fresh start with clear skin.

At Lasercare Skin Clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas, Dr. Bruce Sanderson and our team can evaluate your tattoos and determine if laser removal could be the right option for you. Laser tattoo removals are highly effective for all skin types and nearly all types of tattoo ink. Here’s what you need to know about tattoo removal.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Dr. Sanderson and our team at Lasercare Skin Clinic use the advanced Enlighten sis™ laser system to effectively remove unwanted tattoo ink from beneath your skin.

With its PICO Genesis laser, we can remove tattoo ink of all colors, from black and navy to orange or pink. This system is also effective for people of all skin colors and skin types, unlike earlier tattoo removal technologies.

The Enlighten PICO Genesis laser aims a non-thermal photomechanical laser at the subdermal ink of your unwanted tattoo. The energy in the laser beam causes the ink pigments to break down into tiny particles, effectively removing your tattoo from beneath your skin. 

The ink particles flush away naturally from under your skin after treatment. Staying well-hydrated for a few days after your treatment session gives you the best and most rapid results.

Could you be a good candidate for laser tattoo removal?

The surface of your skin isn’t affected by this treatment, and you don’t need to worry about any post-removal scarring.

Laser tattoo removal isn’t very painful, although you may experience a snapping sensation, like repeated small snaps from a rubber band. Some patients report some minor skin flaking and swelling immediately after treatment.

The number of treatment sessions you’ll need for complete tattoo removal depends on several factors, such as your tattoo’s size and placement. You may need five treatments or more, but you may start to notice your treated tattoo fading after just one or two treatment sessions. We schedule each of your treatment sessions around two weeks apart, to give you the best possible results.

To learn more about the benefits of laser tattoo removal and discuss whether you could be a good candidate for this procedure, get in touch with Dr. Sanderson at Lasercare Skin Clinic today. Schedule your initial consultation over the phone, or book online.

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