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How Light and Oxygen Work Together to Treat Your Skin

How Light and Oxygen Work Together to Treat Your Skin

Some skin care treatments involve strong chemicals or other invasive techniques, but you can improve your skin texture, tone, and evenness using simple light and oxygen therapy.

At Lasercare Skin Clinic, Dr. Bruce Sanderson and our team offer a full range of skin care and cosmetic treatments to enhance the feel, function, and appearance of your skin, including oxygen with light therapy from our convenient location in Little Rock, Arkansas.

If you’re interested in what you’ve heard about the benefits of oxygen and light therapy for your skin, contact Dr. Sanderson to find out if you could be a good candidate for this aesthetic treatment option.

Noninvasive skin repair

Factors like a dry environment, natural changes related to aging, sun damage, and even the presence of harmful bacteria that cause acne outbreaks can affect the outer layers of your skin and the deeper layers beneath. To achieve truly radiant skin, you want a cosmetic treatment that addresses all your skin's layers.

Oxygen with light therapy treatment offers a noninvasive way to accomplish just that. You can use oxygen with light therapy to address skin problems, such as:

This treatment option also stimulates the deeper layers of your skin, encouraging the production of connective tissue and essential proteins like collagen beneath your skin’s surface.

The contours of the deeper skin layers make a big difference in your overall appearance and can contribute to a prematurely aged appearance. You continue to see improved collagen development for weeks following light therapy treatment.

The power of light plus oxygen

This combination aesthetic treatment targets your skin with LED light, concentrated at a specific point of the color spectrum for your desired results. We add a powerful stream of concentrated oxygen to your light therapy session, further enriching your skin enhancement.

If acne is your primary concern, you might be best served by treatment with blue LED light. 

We use yellow LED therapy to accelerate your lymphatic flow, speeding up the elimination of toxins from your skin. 

Red LED therapy improves your skin tone, stimulating the growth of new connective tissue and hiding early signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

Adding oxygen therapy to your treatment increases the benefits for your skin. Your skin cells thrive with the extra nourishment of pure oxygen, delivered with a high-tech wand tool at the same time as your LED light therapy. Oxygen treatment sends extra blood rushing to your face and supports the production of new collagen in your skin’s deeper layers.

Treating your skin

The team at Lasercare Skin Clinic begins your treatment with a thorough cleansing and exfoliation. Your light and oxygen facial is a quick and easy treatment that requires little to no downtime. We can even supplement your results with specialized post-treatment facials.

You may or may not experience side effects like mild redness, inflammation, or skin rashes for a day or so following your treatment session. LED therapy doesn’t result in skin burns, so this is an ideal procedure for the day before a big event.

Contact Lasercare Skin Clinic online or over the phone today to learn if you could be a candidate for this skin-improving procedure.

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