How Light Therapy Rejuvenates Your Aging Skin

How Light Therapy Rejuvenates Your Aging Skin

Aging skin can give away your years faster than any other aspect of your appearance. As you get older, your skin fundamentally changes, leading to the appearance of bags, sags, wrinkles, lines, and spots.

At Lasercare Skin Clinic of Little Rock, Arkansas, our expert team of aesthetic and skin care treatment specialists, under the leadership of Dr. Bruce Sanderson, can help you rejuvenate aging skin, visually wiping away the years.

We want you to know more about how oxygen with light therapy can contribute to your anti-aging skin care goals. Here’s what you need to know about how light therapy works to rejuvenate your skin.

How age affects your skin

Your skin changes in several ways as you get older. Your body relies on natural proteins like collagen and elastin to keep the surface of your skin smooth and full, and, as you age, your production of these essential proteins tends to decline.

As the collagen pad underlying your skin breaks up, wrinkles and crags start to appear. In areas where your facial muscles often shift beneath your skin, like your forehead, the corners of your smile, and the corners of your eyes, wrinkles that form during movement remain even when your face is relaxed.

More years also means more time to accumulate other signs of skin damage, like dark spots due to prolonged sun exposure, or scars from old acne outbreaks. And, the outer layers of your skin grow thinner with age, as well.

With all of these factors, it’s no wonder your skin can really give away your age. But you don’t have to live with it. You have effective treatment options available through Lasercare Skin Clinic to rejuvenate your skin.

Oxygen with light therapy for aging skin

At Lasercare Skin Clinic, we use state-of-the-art technologies to nourish and revitalize the skin. We often combine oxygen therapy and light therapy to completely support and refresh aging skin. Here’s how it works.

Light emitting diode (LED) therapy stimulates your skin with different wavelengths of light. We can target your light therapy treatment to better serve your unique skin care needs.

We can also use a high-tech wand tool to deliver oxygen therapy combined with your light therapy, boosting your skin cells’ vitality and increasing blood flow to the treatment area.

These noninvasive treatment methods let you turn back the clock on aging skin without surgical procedures or harsh chemical peels. Light therapy doesn’t risk burning your skin, although you could see mild side effects like inflammation and redness right after your treatment session. You may benefit from weekly treatments for up to 10 weeks for optimum results.

Get in touch with Dr. Sanderson and our team of cosmetic skin care experts at Lasercare Skin Clinic today to learn more. Schedule your appointment over the phone, or book online now.

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