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How Many Microneedling Treatments Will I Need?

As you age, your skin naturally loses collagen and elastin proteins, causing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You’re also likely to accumulate some surface blemishes, including hyperpigmentation, scarring, and stretch marks, over the years.

With microneedling treatments, also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT), you can roll back the clock on your skin texture. At the Lasercare Skin Clinic medical spa, Dr. Bruce Sanderson and our team of cosmetic experts offer microneedling therapy for patients in and around the Little Rock, Arkansas, area.

Depending on your aesthetic goals, you may need multiple microneedling sessions to see your best results. How does microneedling work, and how many treatments should you plan on? Dr. Sanderson can help you build your custom skin care and treatment plan. Here’s what you need to know.

How does microneedling work?

Microneedling treatments work to break down damaged areas of skin like scars and pockmarks, and can also eliminate dark spots and areas of hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage. After your session, your skin texture continues to improve for several weeks, as the treatment also stimulates your subdermal cells to increase your natural production of collagen and elastin.

With higher volumes of collagen and elastin present, your skin regains lost fullness, filling in signs of aging like lines and wrinkles or even deep acne scarring.

At Lasercare Skin Clinic, we provide effective results with advanced microneedling technology. We use the SkinPen™ system for your microneedling treatment. With an appearance similar to a pen you use for writing, this state-of-the-art instrument contains a circle of 12 tiny needles that your Lasercare Skin Clinic provider uses to stimulate your desired treatment area.

Your microneedling treatment plan

Microneedling appointments don’t take much of your day, and you won’t need any post-treatment downtime. You should avoid the sun and tanning beds for a few days after your session, as your skin may be sensitive for a while. Any initial redness or minor swelling should resolve rapidly on its own.

You don’t need to worry about too much discomfort during your appointment. Your Lasercare Skin Clinic provider applies an anesthetic cream to the treatment area before beginning your microneedling treatment. And after you’re done, we soothe your skin with a special cream.

People using microneedling to address issues like uneven skin tone or light facial lines may only need one treatment session to achieve the desired results. You’ll need at least three treatment sessions for collagen induction. If you have deeper pockmarks or scarring, you may need 3-6 treatment sessions, scheduled several 4-6 weeks apart, to fully fill in and restore your skin.

Talk to Dr. Sanderson at Lasercare Skin Clinic about how microneedling could help you even your skin tone, erase lines and wrinkles, and restore lost facial volume this spring and summer. Dr. Sanderson can advise you on how many microneedling sessions you’ll need to attain your aesthetic goals. 

Book your initial consultation appointment online, or call now to schedule.

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