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How to Care for Your Skin After Microneedling

How to Care for Your Skin After Microneedling

Microneedling, also called collagen induction therapy (CIT), renews your skin from within. It diminishes acne scarring and stretch marks, reduces hyperpigmentation, and conceals fine lines and wrinkles related to aging. As the results unfold, you’ll see the additional cosmetic benefits of improved skin texture and smaller pores.

Dr. Bruce Sanderson and our Lasercare Skin Clinic team in Little Rock, Arkansas, offer many customized skin solutions for various complexion problems, and microneedling is one of our most popular treatments. If you’re considering microneedling or have an upcoming appointment, follow our expert skin care instructions to optimize your results and help them last as long as possible.

Controlled micro-wounds: The secret behind microneedling 

During your treatment session, we use a specialized tool called SkinPen™ to create multiple tiny, controlled micro-wounds in the layers of your skin. 

These tiny punctures trigger deep changes. When your body senses the micro-wounds, it instinctively sends a flood of collagen to the scene. Collagen is a foundational protein that gives your skin structure, resilience, and firmness. Microneedling/CIT stimulates your body to accelerate collagen production, leading to positive cosmetic results within a week or two.

However, microneedling treatment puts your skin under some stress. So, before and after your treatment, we apply an anesthetic cream to the treatment area to reduce discomfort. 

Caring for your skin after microneedling

You don’t need any downtime after your treatment session. However, following aftercare instructions is important for your skin health and the complete appearance of cosmetic results. You don’t want to bother or irritate your skin in this sensitive condition. 

For the first day or two after microneedling, your treated skin may be reddened and a little sensitive, like it would be after a light-to-moderate sunburn. Keep your skin out of the sun while it recovers, and skip tanning beds. Apply sunscreen daily for the first two weeks after your treatment session.

You may also notice some mild swelling in the first few days after treatment. This should go away on its own. Some peeling and skin flaking are common after treatment. Use gentle cleansers and moisturizer while your skin recovers, and avoid sweating heavily for the first 72 hours post-treatment. That means no saunas, hot baths, or intense workouts.

Dr. Sanderson may recommend using a topical antibiotic cream after microneedling to lower your risk of developing an infection. Washing your hands before touching your face is always a good idea. Pay extra attention to this cleanliness step while your skin is healing after treatment.

Products to use or avoid after microneedling

You may experience post-treatment side effects like dry skin, redness, or breakouts. What skin care products and cosmetics can you use, and when?

Avoid all makeup for the first 24 hours after your microneedling appointment, and don’t reuse old makeup brushes while your skin recovers. You should also avoid anything scented and skin care products intended to exfoliate, which can irritate.

You can use coconut oil for intensive post-treatment moisturization. It’s also safe to use hyaluronic acid products. These can even stimulate more collagen production, enhancing your results.

After 48 hours, you can start getting back to makeup routines. Check with Dr. Sanderson about your usual products to make sure that they don’t contain potentially stressful ingredients for your healing skin.

For microneedling treatment and advice on post-treatment skin care, contact Lasercare Skin Clinic online or over the phone today and schedule an appointment.

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