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My Acne is Improving, But Now I Have Scars

My Acne is Improving, But Now I Have Scars

Acne breakouts are never fun. You’ve fought off acne outbreaks since you were a teenager, but now, you’ve finally figured out a skin care routine that works for you, and you don’t have to worry about recurrent acne outbreaks.

But, after all that time struggling with pimples and zits, you may have visible acne-related scarring, especially if you ever had the bad habit of picking at your pimples. Acne scarring can contribute to ongoing dissatisfaction with your appearance.

Now that you’ve finally gotten your acne under control, do you have to live with the reminders of past breakouts? Are your acne scars there to stay?

You should know that laser skin treatments can effectively fill in scars, and we can reduce acne-related scarring with around 4-8 laser treatment sessions.

Dr. Bruce Sanderson provides laser treatment for acne scarring at Lasercare Skin Clinic. If you’re ready to be done with acne scars and live in the Little Rock, Arkansas area, contact Dr. Sanderson today, and find out how soon you can clear your face or other areas of your skin.

Laser treatment for acne scars

Laser treatment is often vital for people with ongoing acne issues. Laser therapy is a highly effective way to get acne breakouts under control, as the treatment targets skin oils and the harmful bacteria that create pimples and zits.

You can also rely on laser treatment to help you get rid of visible reminders of past acne outbreaks. With only a few treatment sessions, your scars fill in, evening out the external surface of your skin. Here’s how it works.

Laser therapy stimulates deep layers of skin to produce more collagen, which gives your skin firmness and volume. After each treatment, new collagen fills in pitted scars, and after a few treatments, you may be unable to tell that a scar was ever there.

Your laser treatment benefits

Laser treatment is non-invasive. You don’t need to be worried about extensive side effects or recovery time with this type of skin treatment.

Regarding side effects, the skin in the treatment area may look redder than usual, and feel tender, for a day or so after your treatment session. These effects should fade rapidly on their own.

The only change you should make to your routine after your laser therapy session is to give your skin a few days off from sun and chemical exposure.

You can see new collagen filling out your old acne scars in the days and weeks after your treatment. After you complete your series of safely spaced-out treatment sessions, you can enjoy your clear, acne-free skin without any reminders of breakouts from the past.

To learn more about how laser treatment can help with scarring, contact Dr. Sanderson at Lasercare Skin Clinic. Schedule your initial consultation appointment over the phone today, or request an appointment online now.

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