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Sick Of Stubborn Belly Fat? SculpSure Can Help

At Lasercare Skin Clinic, we constantly meet people who are frustrated that they stick with a healthy diet and exercise routine, yet they’re still left with an unsightly pudge of belly fat.

If you’re sick of stubborn belly fat — or other resistant pockets of fat, such as love handles and bra bulge — we recommend noninvasive laser treatment with SculpSure®. It’s gentle, safe, and proven to permanently melt your fat away.

SculpSure basics

SculpSure is a medical laser specially designed to get rid of pockets of stubborn fat. It’s a noninvasive procedure, which means no surgery and no anesthesia. How can it effectively remove fat from outside your body? Here’s the answer:

The SculpSure laser operates at a wavelength that’s absorbed by fat cells but not by surrounding tissues. That means it can reach and destroy fat cells, while your skin remains safe and unharmed.  

Several body areas can be treated with SculpSure

SculpSure is well-known for eliminating belly fat, but it’s great for other parts of your body, too. After scientific studies proved that it was safe and effective, the US Food and Drug Administration cleared it to treat six problem areas:

The perfect candidate for SculpSure

SculpSure is meant to gently sculpt your body, not help you lose a significant amount of weight. That’s why it’s important to be at or near your healthy weight, and in the habit of eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise, before getting a SculpSure treatment.

Diet and exercise are still the foundation for weight loss. More importantly, you’ll need those good habits to keep the fat off after your SculpSure procedure. Even though the fat cells treated with SculpSure are gone for good, you could accumulate more fat in the remaining cells in the same area if you regain weight.

How SculpSure gets rid of fat

As fat cells absorb the laser energy, it heats them to a temperature that’s precisely controlled by the SculpSure system. What’s so special about the temperature? It’s the point at which the heat makes fat cells break down.  

This doesn’t happen in a dramatic burst of activity that you’ll feel; in fact, it’s a gradual process. As the fat cells deteriorate, your body naturally removes the waste over time. When your body’s work is done, those fat cells are permanently gone.

What happens during a SculpSure session

After you relax on the comfortable treatment table, up to four flat SculpSure applicators are securely placed against your belly or the area being treated.

When you’re ready to go, the system is turned on and the applicators send laser energy into your fat cells. When the cells reach the required temperature, the system temporarily turns off, then turns on again to maintain an optimal temperature.

Each applicator has a built-in cooling system to keep your skin comfortable. You’ll only feel the cooling sensation when the laser turns off, so throughout your treatment, you’ll experience alternating cycles of deep warmth and coolness.

Some patients say they feel a slight tingling sensation when the laser is on; otherwise, the treatment is comfortable and well-tolerated. If your skin is sensitive, we can talk about using a numbing cream to be sure you don’t have any discomfort.

Before the applicators are positioned, we explain all the details about the procedure and answer your questions, so you’ll know what to expect. You can simply lie back, relax, and dream of your newly sculpted body.

Your SculpSure results show up gradually

The results aren’t immediate, but there’s an exceptional benefit to waiting — the change in your body shape is natural and gradual. No one will have a clue you had “work done” unless you choose to confide the details.

You’ll begin to see results in about six weeks, as your body continues to carry away destroyed fat-cell waste. You’ll get to see the optimal results within 12 weeks. Keep the time frame in mind because you’ll need to plan ahead if you want to be ready for a special event or swimsuit season.

One SculpSure session only takes 25 minutes, and during that time you’ll lose about 24% of the fat cells in the treatment area.* If your area of belly fat is relatively small, one treatment may be all you need, but many men and women get several treatments to achieve their desired body shape.

There’s no need to stay frustrated with belly fat or any other area of nagging fat that you can’t drop with diet and exercise. Just call us or click the button to schedule an appointment and find out if SculpSure is right for you. Don’t wait too long, through Labor Day we’re offering a 50% off SculpSure promotional special.  

*Individual results may vary.

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