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The Many Ways Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation Can Start Your Year with a Younger Look

The Many Ways Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation Can Start Your Year with a Younger Look

Nothing can stop the passage of time; that’s a basic fact of life. But that doesn’t mean you have to give in when it comes to maintaining your skin care and anti-aging routine. You don’t need to look a year older every time a year passes, thanks to advances in cosmetic anti-aging treatments like Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation that can effectively turn back the clock on your appearance.

At Lasercare Skin Clinic of Little Rock, Arkansas, we prioritize skin care. Dr. Bruce Sanderson and our team provide laser and medspa services that leave your skin looking youthful, fresh, and unblemished.

Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation could be the right way for you to start the coming year. Here’s how it works.

The cutting edge of noninvasive procedures

Dr. Sanderson and our team stay on the cutting edge of anti-aging and skin care science. We bring you the benefits of the latest technologies, procedures, and therapies, and we’re excited to share noninvasive Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation with our new and existing patients.

This laser treatment specifically targets aging skin problems, and you won’t need surgery, sutures, or an extended post-treatment recovery period to get great anti-aging results. At Lasercare Skin Clinic, Dr. Sanderson offers Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation treatment on an outpatient basis.

While the facial area is the most common target with Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation, Dr. Sanderson can also treat other areas of your skin, including your chest and decolletage, with this laser-based anti-aging procedure.

The many benefits of Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation

Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation addresses many types of skin imperfections that contribute to an overall impression of age.

As you get older, your body naturally produces less collagen, a protein that gives your skin fullness and structure. The laser energy in your Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation treatment causes your body to increase the production of collagen.

With more collagen, you see anti-aging results in several ways. Increased collagen in the lower layers of your skin reduces the visibility of lines and wrinkles, giving your skin a smoother surface. Because loss of facial volume overall can contribute to an aged look, filling out your cheeks with new collagen restores a more youthful facial shape and contour.

The benefits of Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation don’t stop at the deeper layers of your skin. This procedure also resurfaces your skin’s outer layers, reducing the appearance of age spots, vascular lesions, and even facial scarring.

You rejuvenation treatment plan

Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation takes about 30 minutes per session. Dr. Sanderson often recommends 3-8 treatment sessions total for the best results. We use a topical anesthetic cream for your comfort during treatment, but you may have some post-treatment swelling or experience mild discomfort for a short time. 

If you’re ready for your appearance to match how young you feel inside, contact us to learn more about your cosmetic anti-aging treatment options. Schedule your initial consultation appointment by calling now, or request an appointment online today.

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